Actually problem from the left is not the number of people he had killed, the problem was his reasoning behind the killing as written in his own word in his autobiography, especially the part with hurricane looters. Later, his thought and bloodlust was confirm on his numerous interview on Fox News. » 1/23/15 3:19pm Friday 3:19pm

I would like to believe them when they said they have been planning this for years, but in the past couple of issues of Avengers they specifically had Captain America's team going into the future to show Incursion won't end for decades. It wasn't until tens of thousands of years later that they created Avenger World… » 1/22/15 1:49pm Thursday 1:49pm

Meh, the violence thing is so late 90s, I really just want a game with good story that's not just another run-n-gun shooter. So far the Tesla angle seem interesting, but basically all the advertisement since the initial two were all based on guns and explosion. » 1/22/15 8:28am Thursday 8:28am

Again, like many articles on this topic, my complain have always been that if in a society the only thing you can complain about is its treatment with animal instead of war, famine, and disease, it is actually a very good world to live in. » 1/20/15 2:22pm Tuesday 2:22pm

I loved the part where Huckabee asked Stewart that if his car broke down, which person he would trust. As if anyone who drives a pickup truck can somehow fix any vehicle and everyone drives BMW don't know jack about fix cars. » 1/20/15 11:22am 1/20/15 11:22am

My friend works at salad bar, he gets his own tip and they share like 20% of the dine in tips when he worked in Ruby Tuesday. For other ones I worked in, kitchen staff also get paid much lower than minimum wage, they get 60% of the tip. So someone working full time as waiter would earn about $800 each month on tips. » 1/20/15 9:00am 1/20/15 9:00am

I understand why they want to put it under the cover, since most people only need to touch their SD card once, ever; I also understand why they want to lock it under screw, so the backplate don't fall off and leaving the battery and SD card vulnerable. » 1/15/15 6:32pm 1/15/15 6:32pm

I assume they select their volunteer from their supporters, who by large are trained in shooting as well as have fantasized about situation like this. Even when they are prepared none of them can save the day, I really wonder in an actual surprise situation with real bullet flying how much worse would these people do. » 1/15/15 2:04pm 1/15/15 2:04pm