If these YouTubers want to rant about the free ad they are generating then I have to point out they are all doing an incredibly bad job at it. Wii U’s sales is still poor and even with Smash Bros and Mario Kart already out as well as promises of several big JRPG the sales for Wii U is still so bad that they already… » 4/06/15 11:12am 4/06/15 11:12am

I still see tons of Wave 1 figures on store shelves being sold at $9 each. So, why is it that there are so many Wave 1 figures that no one wants and Wave 2 ~ 4 are gone in minutes. Also, I wonder how the scalpers are able to buy them by hundreds. » 4/03/15 8:07pm 4/03/15 8:07pm

In Japan, that make sense because if you don’t seek game completion, you just pay for the portion you want to play. On western release I do hope they bundle up everything into one cartridge like they did with Bravely Default, much easier on the people, better to serve niche crowd. » 4/02/15 8:34am 4/02/15 8:34am

Honestly I would prefer a lot of development studios to have the guts to delay their games. We are at the era where majority of AAA titles were released half baked, plenty of them are simply unplayable. Indie and small studios are barely better, almost all the games now have a day-one patch/update. » 3/28/15 9:03pm 3/28/15 9:03pm