Yep, it wasn't that representative's fault, it is a systematic problem for the corporation. Thus, the guy should not be used as a scapegoat by being fired, he needed to be used as example to shine the light on corporate culture in Comcast. » 7/22/14 12:30pm Today 12:30pm

I have never liked any of Sony's advertisement, their Kevin Butler is the worse.

In PS1 and PS2 era, they use those really creepy doll sitting in a white room thing, the later on camera pans into someone's head with those creepy people with only half of skull. There was also that PSP campaign where they got bunch of… » 7/22/14 8:38am Today 8:38am

Dang, it's much scarier when you understand what the video is saying. Excellent job to the reporters, very complete with video, witness, first hand account, and written evidence to go with their reporting. Now, their pink goo doesn't seem so bad afterall. » 7/21/14 10:13am Yesterday 10:13am

Not even a cameo? The man who made Hercules a household name and started the trend of cross series storyline. Sorbo's Hercules did decade ago something Marvel has just started to toy around and DC has yet to accomplish, this is how they are treating him? This is really sad. » 7/20/14 8:27pm Sunday 8:27pm

By their same logic, should we also be aware of all white male of the age 16 ~ 24 who looks slim and pale and could start a mass shooting at any moment? The culture of suburban young white male is also on the rise and yet these folks doesn't seem to be all that concerned about it. » 7/19/14 10:33am Saturday 10:33am